Orlando-Kennedy Space Center Tours

Day 01 – Arrive in Orlando   

Welcome to Orlando, the city of fun and excitement which is in the state of Florida,. The presence of Disney World and universal studios has  made this city of adventures . The city is said to welcome more than 52 million tourists every year. Upon arrival, transfer to your hotel. Later enjoy dinner.


Day 02 – Visit Kennedy Space Center .
Today, you will explore Kennedy Space Complex. You will go on the Discover KSC: Today & Tomorrow Tour. Here you will see the Shuttle Landing Facility, a panoramic view of all launch pads from the NASA Causeway, a stop outside the Vehicle Assembly Building and catch a glimpse of NASA’s gigantic Crawler Transporters. Be a part of the exciting world of space exploration at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Innovation, creativity, and discoveries will become part of your learning experience at Camp KSC. Later stop at a beach and then head for delicious Dinner.

Day 03 – Visit Kennedy Space Center

Today you will explore Kennedy Space Complex, enjoy  space films at IMAX  theater, experience all of their MUSEUM, and go on a 3 hrs  bus to trip to tour the Kennedy space center. In the afternoon, you will get the opportunity to have lunch with an Astronaut. later shopping at Walmart  and head for  Dinner.

Day 04 – Epcot Center

Begin your day at the Epcot center, where you can touch the future and travel the world with an amazing attractions and live performances. This is an area of 260 acres devoted to the future of technology. Visit the World showcase which offers a kind of pavilions devoted to eleven countries. Enjoy a superb dinner.

Day 05 – Universal Studios

Universal Islands of Adventure

Prepare for a place where super heroes, beasts and magical creatures stand before you. You’re entering lands where everything is real. You’re entering lands where everything is real. Explore a secret school of witchcraft and wizardry. Fly high above the city streets with a famous web slinger. Hide from hungry dinosaurs and hope you’re not their next meal. And you can face the most colossal ape ever to walk the earth. Let the adventures begin. After have a  superb dinner.

Day 06 – Departure from Orlando

After breakfast, proceed to the airport to board the flight for your next destination.

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